Have the confidence to ask the questions you’re really burning to have answers to can make interviews daunting.  I always say to candidates it’s best to be open and honest in interviews and feel confident to ask the questions you really want answering. After all, the business has to be right and if you can’t discuss what you exactly need to know during the interview then it may not be the right match for you! It’s how you position the questions and make clear why you’re asking them that’s key!

With topics such as career development opportunities, it’s important to find out through the interview process what the future might look like. I always felt as candidate it was important to discuss during my interviews how other employees have grown and developed and get a clear picture on what the future could look like if I was to join the business. 

It can be scary to ask the question and feel like you’re being too direct. It’s key to make it clear why you’re asking and always be realistic with the question. Instead of asking when you could likely be promoted to Senior Account Manager or Marketing Manager, for example, make it clear your desire is to get to that position in future and you know you will need to grow into the role and ask the business about any indication on team growth and the businesses goals for future.

When interviewing at an agency or brand whether you are an account handler, designer or social media specialist it’s good to delve into more info on the projects you will be working on to make sure they are what you desire and can see yourself really dedicating yourself to. 

If variation is key for you, ask the questions around what other projects you may be exposed to and if they are a creative agency ask if they’re aiming to delve into any other sectors they haven’t already. Again, that can help you think about the future and longer-term opportunity. 

Talking about what is missing from your current role is another very important discussion topic. You don’t always have to feel that it’s negative to say you want to leave your current role. There are positive ways of discussing moving on such as, talking about the good things you’re getting from your current position and are transferable before moving onto what’s missing and why you feel you could get what you desire from the role you’re interviewing for. It’s all about joining up the dots and making sure you iron out all the detail you need!

If you need any further, don’t hesitate to get in touch!