Many candidates approach me and say they’re sometimes not sure if they want a new role and are curious as to what’s out there. 

I thought it would be useful to summarise a few questions I go typically ask to get candidates thinking about whether now really is the right time! 

  • What are you not getting form your current position, is it the company that’s not right for you or the role?
  • Is money a key factor or does it go beyond that and you’re now looking at the bigger picture in terms of progression and types of creative projects you want to work across? 
  • Do you feel you’ve outgrown your role or company and need a role more challenging and can’t get it where you are now? If this is the case it’s good to have clear list of what stands out for you and what you really don’t want from your next move 
  • Have you got a clear picture of what you ideal next role/company may look like? If not it’s always good to have a good think about this and talk through it with your recruiter to make sure you’re going for the right roles.
  • If you were to be offered a new role what would persuade you to want to stay where you currently are? This question is important to ask yourself as a lot of yours and the companies you’re meeting time will go into your interviews. Also, many people who chose to stay at their current company after resigning – after accepting a counter offer 80% of people will leave their job within 6 months and 90% of people will leave within a year! Review the positives and negatives of your current role to the positives and negatives to the role you are being offered